Saturday, February 12, 2022

Welcome to the Word Kettle!

This is the "light" site of Affordable Manuscript Assessments. It's a good first port of call for new clients. 

Below you'll see:

  • A list of what services we offer including costs.
  • Clear instructions for accessing services.
  • A list of coded jobs and their status.

Services we offer (all prices are in AUD)

We offer manuscript assessment at the following rates. $25.00 for the first 5000 words or part thereof.  Any picture book text or short piece under 5000 words will be $25.00 unless it is longer than 600 words and is in rhyme, in which case it may be $35.00, depending on how much work I need to do to fix the meter.

$15.00 for each 9000 words or part thereof after that. 

We offer editing at the following rates. $25.00 for the first 3000 words or part thereof (unless as above- it's a long rhyming text).

$15.00 for each 3500 words following.

Combo; assessment + editing costs the same as editing plus $15.

For more information see Here 

Proofreading  or Beta reading same cost as assessment.

Instructions for accessing services

1. Send your manuscript as a Word attachment. Do NOT send PDFs or Pages docs. 

2. Set up the manuscript as follows. 

TNR 12, double spaced. 

If fiction, use indented paragraphs with NO space underneath. 

3. Send the attachment to affatheeditor @  (close up the gaps) with a header stating what you want; query, edit, assessment or combo.  OR to sallybyname @

4. In the body of the email, tell me who you are, and what service you need. I will send you a receipt of job with a code which you can follow on this site. When the job is done, you will receive an invoice with clear payment instructions. 

Invoices are 60 days for under $100, 90 days for over $100.

Interest free extensions and part payment schemes are available upon request.

Timeframe varies. Jobs are done when the site says they're done.

Existing Jobs and Progress

The jobs below are logged into the system for 2022. Match the code you were given in your receipt  email to the note on your job. Once done, it will go blue and say INVOICED. Once paid, it will  go red and say PAID.

Red jobs have been paid for.

Blue jobs have been invoiced.

Black jobs are pending or in progress.

Pink jobs have been prebooked.

Contact: affatheeditor @

Telephone 0417 1165 69 Use this only if you get no response on email. 

KTGB paid dd 09/01/22 AMA KTGB 090122
LKCHH paid dd 14/01/22 AMA LKCHH 140122
NBOPSWC paid dd 14/01/22 AMA NBOPSWC 140122
PM15161718 paid dd 18/01/22 AMA PM15161718 180122
ACX3 paid dd 24/01/22 AMA AXC3 240122
NMFF paid dd 25/01/22 AMA NMFF 250122
ARGCSC paid pp 25/01/22 AMA ARGCSC 250122
RYTTTT  paid dd 24/01/22 AMA RYTTTT 240122
GW70s paid dd 25/01/22 AMA GW70s 250122
BKIT23  paid dd 25/01/22 AMA BKIT23 250122
KHED paid dd 28/01/22 AMA KHED 280122
KTIG paid dd 30/01/22  AMA KTIG 300122
MWMG paid dd 02/02/22  AMA MWMG 020222
ALGVJ2 paid dd 02/02/22 AMA ALGVJ2 020222
STTTP paid dd 02/02/22 AMA STTPP 020222
MMQ2 paid dd 19/01/22 AMA MMQ2 190122
CTYCMS invoiced 21/01/22
PSPO invoiced 25/01/22
MHAAT paid dd 15/02/22 AMA MHAAT 150222

JKST1 paid dd 07/03/21 AMA JKST1 070222
CBNSCLT paid dd AMA CBNSCLT 070222
BGPFC paid dd 08/02/22 AMA BGPFC 080222
DWMIM paid pp 10/02/22 AMA DWMIM 100222
LES paid pp 13/02/22 AMA LES 130222
LMTM paid dd 14/02/22 AMA LMTM 140222
NATTT paid dd 15/02/22 AMA NATTT 150222
​ALWP paid eft 16/02/22 AMA ALWP 160222
ERGR paid dd 17/02/22  AMA ERGR 170222
GQCP paid pp 18/02/22 AMA GQCP 180222
KTM paid dd 22/02/22 AMA KTM 220222
PSX3 paid dd 21/02/22 AMA PSX3 220222
LHBBG paid pp 22/02/22 AMA LHBBG 220222
ARX2 paid pp 27/02/22 AMA ARX2 270222
LSRKR paid dd 28/02/22 AMA LSRKR 280222
VBL paid dd 28/02/22 AMA VBL 280222
ABAT paid dd 03/03\/22 AMA ABAT 030322
NAX2 paid dd 070322 AMA NAX2 070322
PS2 paid dd 030322 AMA PS2 030322
ALRUSSET invoiced 22/02/22
MWMG2 invoiced 03/02/22
JLMAAT invoiced 11/02/22
AJMHT for beta invoiced 10/02/22
AWMM invoiced 15/02/22
SBOP paid dd 18/03/22 AMA SBOP 180322
PC123 invoiced 01/03/22
LEVF invoiced05/02/22

EJMEM for invoiced 20/03/22
PHPROOF invoiced 29/03/22

​MGMV paid 21/03/22 AMA MGMV 210322
ALLM2 for combo 18/02/22
MASX2 paid pp 13/05/22 22/03/22 AMA MASX2 130522


DWJJ paid pp 21/03/22 AMADWJJ210322
PM192021 paid dd 16/03/22  AMA PM192021 160322
AT1 paid pp 16/03/22 AMA AT1 160322
KHOS2 paid dd 16/03/22 AMA KHOS2 160322
ALET paid 21/03/22 AMAALET210322
AT2 paid 22/03/22  AMA AT2 220322
ERTM paid dd -07/06/22 AMA ERTM 070622
BBX2 paid dd 30/03/22 AMA BBX2 300322
SBGS2 paid pp 31/03/22 AMA SBGS2 310322
AT3 paid pp 31/03/22 AMA AT3 310322
JGGN3 invoiced 28/03/22
KHPR invoiced 29/03/22
ALNPrevisit invoiced 22/03/22
KHSKW invoiced 04/03/22
DWCMM invoiced 07/03/22
KTCK invoiced 08/03/22
KHNTH invoiced 01/04/22
​PTBETA invoiced 12/04/22


AJA for beta - paid 300422  AMA AJA 301422
SLNOTES invoiced 29/04/22
CSFC for combo 04/04/22
VMX2 invoiced 13/04/22
JHCK invoiced 14/04/22
EKJ paid pp 10/05/22 AMA EKJ 100522
CFMFBATS paid dd 13/04/22 AMA CFMFBATS 130422dd
ESK3 invoiced 13/04//22
AT4 invoiced 22/02/22
AT5 paid 29/04/22 AMA AT5 290422
SNDB invoiced 29/04/22
LHCL invoiced 30/04/22
OAEZ invoiced 30/04/22
LWLA2 invoiced 30/04/22
ESKENX2 invoiced 30/04/22


PUPG paid pp 11/05/22 AMAPUPG110522
AT6 paid 7/05/22 AMA AT6 070522
AT7 paid pp 22/05/22 AMA AT7 220522
​KBBOOKING for combo May June
KWP+LB invoiced 22/06/22
KHPPM invoiced 22/05/22
JWAPfinal for combo 12/06/22
AJJKG invoiced 22/05/22
KHSSM invoiced 22/05/22
ABSMO invoiced 02/06/22


AT8 paid pp 05/06/22 AMA AT8 050622
AJPH Paid dd 21/06/22 AMA AJPH 210622
SBKLL paid pp 22/06/22 AMA SBKLL 220622
ARNEW2 paid pp 22  AMA ARNEW2 230622
SNSS paid pp 24/06/22 AMA SNSS 240622
KHNTH invoiced 13/06/22
SSWC invoiced 18/06/22
KFMB3 invoiced 22/06/22 
MASFPV invoiced 24/06/22
ATBPDNDU invoiced 23/06/22
OTX2 combo 08/06/22
DVH combo 08/06/22
GAHV combo 14/06/22
AJETP beta read 23/06/22


Welcome to the Word Kettle! This is the "light" site of Affordable Manuscript Assessments. It's a good first port of call for ...